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Free/no obligation analysis on the following specific problems :


Free Estimate on Data Retrieval


Free Estimate on broken Screens


Free Estimate-Laptop Power Jack


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All Other Work  -   Minimum Labor  Charge  is :   $39.99  --  with  our COMMITMENT: We will not  exceed  that  amount until   YOU APPROVE IT !!


  Virus-Adware-Spyware removal, with a 60 day guaranty. If any return - We Fix !!  Ask !            Read more


We are Note Book Specialists



  • We Have Network Specialists Available on-site and off-site


Motherboards Repaired and/or replaced. 


Broken Screen replaced Keyboard repaired/replaced


Power Jack Repair,  1 yr guaranty If work is done--- Remember---    FREE ANALYSIS ON THIS PROBLEM Desk Top Computers & Etc.

  • Miscellaneous Operations

  • Hard Drives - Cd/DVD -    Floppies

  • Operating Systems & Corruption

  • Up Grades of all sorts: Hardware and/or  software  and  Networks

  • Net Work problems resolved in Shop,  or,  On Site arranged.       On site trip charge is $40.00.     No  return trip charge.

  • Power Supplies and power up problems If it is not listed, we probably fix it!   


We Have Network Specialists Available on-site and off-site  


 ASK about our Virus-Adware-Spyware removal, with a 60 day guaranty. If any return - We Fix !!  Ask ! 


We also offer a one year Guaranty plan for Virus-Adware-Spyware

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Welcome, glad your here!  Would you like to know about our shop, our experience and us, read on.  


I went to work for IBM in 1956, right out of High school.  At 17,  I was an IBM Customer Engineer Apprentice. I was with IBM 14 years; final position 3rd shift manager. Spent 4 or 5 years, ether attending or teaching IBM classes. Finished  college in  1969, at Calif-State,  Dominguez Hills,  doing all but the last 18 mo. at night school. 

Kayron was a graduate of  Nashville Business College in Tenn. When we met, She was the Adm. Assistant to the VP of Data Processing, at City Natl Bank, Beverly Hills CA. She had been  promoted from  Sr. keypunch operator. For our younger audience, a keypunch was an earlier device which punched holes in a 3.5 x 7.5 inch  card. It was used as input to the computer. Read More 

When we met, I was a Tech  Specialist with IBM.  We have been married now, for 46 years. And our business has been  right here in the Atlanta - Marietta area, for 28 of those years. We think we make a pretty good team. We believe "ACRS" is the oldest independent Computer Repair Shoppe in both the City and State. We started  years before the Yellow Pages even had a heading - for Computer Repair. 

The name: A Computer Repair Service differentiated our primary business - repair, from the computer franchises who were, at time selling about 20 individual brands of personal computers and almost as many operating systems; and who, in many cases, needed to send  the system back to the manufacturer for even a minor repair! Two of those companies were IBM with their original "pc" and Apple with the "Apple 2", the others have disappeared from the market, even my old company, IBM has sold their entire product line to a Chinese company named Lenovo.

When we got Our second phone line, we used the same address and used another name, Computer Repair Shoppe So you can always find us easily in the White Pages. 

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Kayron and DaveThen and now, What   a   huge difference!


Now 50+ years later, things have really changed. Or have they? Our observation is: that computers are now a whole lot faster, and  smaller. Programs more sophisticated, requiring massive amounts of hard drive space, and huge amounts of memory (ram). Compare today with: 1965, when as a Senior Field Engineer, I installed the first IBM, online multi-branch banking system. It had  only 48k of random access memory (ram), which was called Core Storage. It was physically the size if a "cement block"; It was constructed of 48k X 9 tiny ferrite beads, shaped like donuts, with six sensing wires running through each bead. With only 48k, it  needed programming efficiency, which was achieved, using "machine language". In that language,  a single character contained a whole, or even multiple program operations. Not exactly your typical Windows application. By the way, 48k was huge by 1965 standards, and the MUX or Transmission Multiplexer, (a very big, 6'x8'x4', glorified router) had another 48k. It serviced the remote terminals. We ran six branches using 50 baud telephone lines. Today, dial-up modems  run at 57,000 baud, and you know how much faster your DSL is. Our 10 disk drives were the size of washing machines, all 10 of them could not store 100k.  Our  mass storage,  was six, 6 foot tape drives with 12 inch reels.

  But now, as then; we still work in bits and bytes, we still  contend with system lockups and breakdowns. We still have to trouble shoot whether the problem is HARDWARE or SOFTWARE. Its funny 



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network cableMy 1st teleprocessing experience was at the ripe old age of 19. Again it was a first for IBM. A Process Sampling System which would become a fully operational Process Control System and run the Catalytic Cracking process at Standard oil in El Segundo Calif. Basically it refined crude oil into gasoline, which as I recall, sold for 15 to 20 cents per gal.

Today its all about the INTERNET, 

 the World Wide Web! 

With its brand new vocabulary: E-mail,  Spam, Surfing (not like when I was 20, on a surfboard), Viruses (no doctor can cure), Adware (that gives you those pop-up messages - and is filled with scams, and Scamware), Spyware (that installs Keyloggers, to steal your bank and credit card information, and/or passwords), Hijackers (that take you to a site you did not want, some of which may shock your old maid aunt). Trojans (named for the wooden horse which held hidden solders, intent on doing harm to the ancient City of Troy). In general Viruses, Adware and Spyware (VAS) removal, account for about 50% - 60% of our business. Has your machine slowed down? Are you unable or barely able to get on-line. Are you getting strange messages? Have you received a messages, that claims, "you have viruses: and tells you to-CLICK HERE TO FIX" DO NOT CLICK THERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  Do you have a Blue Screen, and can not "boot up"? Does your system boot into Windows and then shut down and reboots. These are only a sampling of what Viruses, Adware & Spyware can, and will, do to you.  There are many  thousand of these  pesky malicious programs, and they effectively have only one goal: to do you harm!

The problem, we as technicians have, is that a hardware failure can also give any of the many symptoms we have just described. - With that in mind: 1st, we hope you trust your technician. 2nd, we sincerely hope you will chose Kayron & Dave at A COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICE to be your technicians.


Reach us at:    (770) 578-1312     from 8:00am to 10:00pm EST

Address:  1751 Lower Roswell Rd NE Marietta, GA 30068

Note: Watch your GPS or on-line map, if it want to take into downtown Atlanta, (it is wrong) Call us! It only happens sometimes and were not sure yet why.         Map Link


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